Cyber Risks

Most organisations do not yet have cyber risk insurance to provide financial support and protection following a cyber-attack. This is a vital new line of insurance cover that every organisation should arrange, particular now that the new GDPR data protection is in force.

Traditional professional indemnity and management liability insurance policies are not designed to cover these new and evolving cyber risks. Specialist cyber insurance is now an essential part of an organisation’s armoury against phishing emails, online fraud and extortion.

Even with the best security software that IT budgets permit, office networks will be penetrated. One ‘click’ of a rogue email by an employee to infect one or more workstation, allow hackers in, cause a data breach or even a cyber ransom.

Cyber insurance offers you the certainty that there is someone to call, immediately, 24/7, to help you manage the situation, to offer legal advice, to call in forensics to scan systems, to manage customer concerns, and to help deal with regulators.

Henry F Dodds can provide the guidance and the insurance solution to protect your staff and organisation from the threat of cyber fraud.

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